Big Data Advanced Certificate Program in Business Analytics

About the course

Evolved and designed by veterans in the Analytics industry, this program is designed for professionals from the IT industry - 0 to 5 years who are in other areas of technology looking at migrating into the world of Big Data. A perfect blend of technology, Data science and business cases and insights, the program stands out as among the best in the world opening wider range of opportunities in Analytics.

Program Dashboard

  • Duration 90 Hours

  • No. of Faculty live sessions 54 Hours

  • No. of recorded live sessions 36 Hours

  • No. of guest lectures 2 / month

  • pROJECT Capstone Project Experience

  • Online Assignments/Assessment2

Learning Modules

Advanced Statistics with R

Hypothesis testing-test, Analysis of Variance ( One and two way ANOVA),Chi-Square Analysis, Non-parametric Statistics, Linear and Multiple regression, Advanced Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression and Forecasting.

Data Mining 2 / Advanced Machine Learning with R

Clustering, Classification techniques, Case Studies.


Learning Outcome

This program prepares you to become a Business Analyst with a Tech tinge which is need of the hour in any large Organization. Combining Tech expertise with Business intelligence is critical and a rare mattel to get. It is time to hone with such expertise to unleash great career opportunities.

361DM edge


I am happy with the way it is easy to follow and uncomplicated. It is the complete guide to learn and master in Big Data Technologies. They explain everything with great real-life examples which makes the class more interesting. Best of all its home study the best way to learn & cover all classes. I enjoy learning here.

VAMSEEB.Tech CSE, Fresher

Everything explained from scratch even a non IT background person can easily grasp the lessons. Vast experienced faculty explaining with practical examples adds value to the knowledge shared.

FARHANAssistant Software Engineer,
TCS, 5years experience

The curriculum is pretty awesome. It covers all the aspects that industry needs from beginner level to mid and advanced. It makes us the complete package that we are ready to work in the industry. The faculty are industry experts where we work on real time data sets and live examples. I think this would be the platform to start with Big Data and Data Science.

MANJUNADHAssociate analyst,
Global Logic, 2.5 years


Analytics Programmes FAQs

  • 1.What is Analytics and how is it shaping up?

    Analytics is a large, multidimensional field that uses mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling and machine-learning techniques to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in recorded data. Today, we add powerful computing tools to the mix for storing increasing amounts of data and running sophisticated software algorithms. These produce fast insights needed to make fact-based decisions. By putting the science of numbers, data and analytical discovery to work, we can find out if what we think or believe is really true. And produce answers to questions we never thought to ask. It can help answer the following types of questions:

    • What happened?
    • How or why did it happen?
    • What’s happening now?
    • What is likely to happen next?
  • 2.What is the scope for Analytics as a career?

    AEvery large scale prediction points out that Big Data / Analytics as an industry is growing fast and is likely to cross a value of $50 Bn this year. And it has only begun. Industry experts point to shortage of both manpower and individual capability to provide right inputs for corporate leaders to take data-led, insightful decisions to grow and stabilize their business.

    Every large scale prediction points out that Big Data / Analytics as an industry is growing fast and is likely to cross a value of $50 Bn this year. And it has only begun. Industry experts point to shortage of both manpower and individual capability to provide right inputs for corporate leaders to take data-led, insightful decisions to grow and stabilize their business.

    With faster and more powerful computers, opportunity abounds for the use of analytics and big data. Whether it’s determining credit risk, developing new medicines, finding more efficient ways to deliver products and services, preventing fraud, uncovering cyber threats or retaining the most valuable customers, analytics can help you understand your organization – and the world around it. Even governments including the Government of India is using Big Data tools to analyze people sentiments through its platform that engages the government and the people.

    Rich media (video, audio, image) analytics will at least triple in 2015 and emerge as the key driver for BDA technology investment. By 2018 half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis

  • 3.What programs do 361DM offer in Analytics?

    You can get more details on our programs by visiting and click on Big Data hyperlink button.

  • 4.How are 361 DM’s Analytics Programs segmented?

    Basically, our programs are divided into two segments. One for science and engineering stream based learners and the other business studies-based learners. So, students who have UG or PG majors in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, computer science and engineering, Information Technology, Information Sciences, Electronics and Communications Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering, can take up courses around Data science and Data engineering.

    Learners who either pursuing or completed study in BBA. BBM, MBA, can pursue courses under the Data Analytics segment. Any Engineering graduate can also pursue this programme.

    Data Engineering segment

    • Data Executive
    • Professional certification programme in Big Data Technologies
    • Professional Certification programme in Data Engineering – Machine Learning
    • Professional Certification programme in Data Engineering – Data Visualization
    • Advanced course in Text and Web Analytics (only for those complete PCP)/ Business Analytics segment
    • Professional Certification programme in Business Analytics
    • Post Graduate programme in Business Analytics
    • Advanced Certification programme in Business Analytics
    • Certificate programme in Text and Web Analytics
    • Certificate programme in Data Visualization

    We also offer some advanced courses designed exclusively for people already working in the area of Data Warehousing, Data Analytics.

  • 5.How are these programs of 361DM unique from other offering?

    • 361DM’s courses are powered by content from Praxis Business School, one of India’s leading providers of Data and Analytics courses.
    • All our courses are available completely online. This is backed by the 20 years’ research work by 361DM’s founders in the area of online learning, adult and remote learning and online pedagogy.
    • Our programmes are delivered using our proprietary platform and backed by a strong learner service team.
    • 361DM has content and certification alliances with large Indian and leading foreign universities, which is a tribute to the company’s capability.
    • More than 25,000 learners have used our platform with each and come out successful.

Online learning

  • 6.What is I META?

    IMETA is our company’s own learning platform that’s created to help students and professionals learn in an “anytime, anywhere” manner. IMETA is a product born out of 20 years of research into adult and remote learning by the founders of 361DM. Unlike other platforms that deliver merely the re-loaded content, i-Meta provides learning experience that is customised to every learner. Independent Tech consultants rate i-Meta far above the other learning platforms. It has features such as guided pathway learning, e-library, discussion and chat forums, technical and academic help desk, e-coaching.

  • 7.How easy is it to do the Analytics programme online?

    Our Big Data and Analytics program, which is backed by research-based pedagogy, can be learnt at a pace the learner is comfortable with. The entire program can be done online including projects and assessments. Learners will face little discomfort in learning online.

  • 8.Can I learn the programme on my mobile?

    Yes. Our programs can be learnt in all Android based mobile devices.

  • 9.Tell us something about your classes and learning

    361DM’s programmes follow a clear learning architecture where pedagogy and learning engagement form the centre piece of any program or course. While there are plenty of players around the world who provide content for any domain or technology course, the way we facilitate learning in an interactive and engaging way sets 361DM apart.

    We use our distinct knowledge of learning science - on how to make learning for an adult better and how to ensure that a program or course meets the aspirations and objectives of the learner are central to our process.

    Also the way the learner engages with the content is something we do very differently. The entire learning experience needs to be fun, light but at the same possess the rigour and seriousness the subject requires.

    Finally, we provide a distinct flavour of the real world. All our examples, case studies and caselets, the problem statements are from the real world of business. We also get practicing professionals to offer value adding tips and lectures to our learners.

Admission procedure and fee payment

  • 1.I am interested in pursuing your programme? What is the procedure for enrolment?

    You can visit our customer-facing portal and select the program you wish to pursue. Click on “Know more” on the program catalog. You can fill a simple form on the page and submit the same. You will get a payment link for fee payment and enrolment. Otherwise, you can read the catalog and details of the program, watch a demo on the “Demo” link and then proceed directly for fee payment in the link given in the page.

  • 2.How can I pay the fees?

    The fee payment link in each program in our portal For details you can call. 044 39361361 or 9176335361

  • 3.Can I pay in instalments?

    You can discuss our offers with our career consultant at 044 39361361 or 9176335361 for details

  • 4.What is the action sequence once I pay the fee? When do I start attending the classes?

    Within 7 working days of fee payment, you will get a mail with unique login credentials to pursue the program of your choice. You can then start your course. Happy learning!

  • For any further query, you can call between 9 am to 9 pm at 044 – 39361361 or mail us at



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Program Fees

Total Program Fee 24800/-

Full Payment 22320/-

1st Installment 2nd Installment
Rs.12400/- Rs.12400/-

Payment mode: Full Payment - Installments, Payment through NEFT, DD.