5D Model

5D Model

We support higher education institutions and certifying agencies in every aspect of digital learning for online or distance education courses. We call this our 5D approach

Approach & results


We help Universities to design programs that meet new age pedagogical needs and improve outcomes and success of their online business model


Offer support in the form of technology/Platform; in ways that enhance learner experience; our services included Product testing – Database and security


We support universities with creating e-content and videos, assessments and digital assets that meet UGC standards


Support University course delivery – generate user and admin credentials; learner administration – e-coaching facility– Learner analytics – assessments – assignments

Digital marketing

We help universities to succeed in the online degrees business. We create market facing portals and campaigns – offer professional counselling desk and learner support systems

With over a decade of experience in digital learning, learning and behaviour science, we can provide institutions like yours consulting as well as robust implementation solutions. All leading to improving your brand, expanding your reach, and adding to your revenue streams. Interested? Write to us at [email protected]