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  • Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
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    Program Summary

    • 30 credits
    • Duration 120 hours

    Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

    Aaum Analytics and 361 Degree Minds have joined hands and created a unique industry relevant program on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Curriculum has been co-created with Aaum Analytics. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is estimated to pave way for close to 2.3 million opportunities by the year 2020. While the competition in the industry is yet to heat up in the coming months, the current talent pool in the IT industry have already set their eyes on artificial intelligence as an avenue for lucrative paychecks and rewarding career path. machine learning engineers are some of the most in-demand jobs in artificial intelligence. They are most sought by companies and are immediately recruited for operations if found suitable.

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    Basic Level

    Analytical thinking & approach to problem solving techniques

    Introduction to R

    Basics of Big Data

    Basic case studies

    Basic idea of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Introductory course


    Level 1

    Statistics through R - I

    Data Wrangling through R - I

    Data Mining through R - I

    Data Modelling with R - I

    Machine Learning with R - I

    Data Visualization with R

    AI - Use Case Applications - I


    Level 2

    Statistics through R - II

    Data Mining and Wrangling through R - II

    Data Modelling with R - II Machine Learning with R - II

    AI - Use Case Applications - II

    Do it yourself


    Level 3


    Natural language processing

    Deep Learning techniques (Neural Net, Advanced MC Learning)

    Reinforcement Learning

    AI on big data

    AI - Use Case Applications - III



    About Aaum Analytics

    Aaum Research and Analytics Pvt Ltd is established at IIT Madras ecosystem with a focus on researching and devising the sophisticated analytical techniques to solve the pressing needs of the businesses. Aaum has executed analytics for several clients ranging from finance, insurance, HR, Health Care, Entertainment, FMCG, Retail, Telecom. Aaum is founded by alumnus of IITM and includes Professors from IITM in its board as advisors. Aaum is a member organization of NASSCOM, CII, TIE

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    About 361 Degree Minds

    361DM is a research-led Edu-Tech Company that offers learning solutions in higher education to individuals, corporate, universities and colleges. With a unique blend of research led futuristic pedagogy, a robust platform, and globally benchmarked content, 361DM offers programs in diverse areas of professional development, skilling, health-care, organization development and higher education.

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    Course Highlights

    Outcome of the Program

    Certificate program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence comes with a Certificate from 361 Degree Minds , on the job training and placements in Aaum Analytics

    Big Data Analytics for Techies

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