Certificate Program in Analytics

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Program Summary

  • 15 credits
  • Duration 3 months
  • 90 Hours of online sessions

Certificate Program in Analytics

Mapped to TCS Ion Procert

This program provides deeper Understanding of the world of Analytics.This certificate program in analytics is designed to prepare the learner for TCS iON Procert Analytics. Curriculum vetted by Industry experts in consultation with top Analytics gurus in the country. This acts as a gateway to TCS and many such top corporates. The program aims to help experienced professionals gain industry recognition for their analytics proficiency

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Big Data 101

Big Data Characteristics

  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Velocity
  • Veracity
  • Valence
  • Value

Big Data and Business

Data Relationships and Data Model

  • One-to-one relationship
  • One-to-many relationship
  • Many-to-many relationship
  • Flat model
  • Hierarchical model
  • Network model
  • Relational model
  • Star schema model
  • Data vault model

Data Grouping

Clustering Algorithms

  • partitioning
  • hierarchical
  • grid based
  • density based
  • model based

Getting ready for Clustering Algorithms

Clustering Algorithms – UPGMA, single Link Clustering

KPIs, Businesses & Data Elements

Mapping for business outcomes

  • Define the pain point
  • Define the goal
  • Identify the actors
  • Identify the impacts
  • Identify the deliverables
  • Creating your impact map

Basic Query

Advanced Query – Embedding

Mathematics Modelling

Introduction to key mathematical concepts

  • eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Application of eigenvalues and eigenvectors

  • investigate prototypical problems of ranking big data

Application of the graph Laplacian

  • investigate prototypical problems of clustering big data

Application of PCA and SVD

  • investigate prototypical problems of big data compression

Coding in DB Environment

Making Data Sets

Statistics 101

Introduction to Statistics

Introduction to Statistics – II

Measures of Central Tendency, Spread and Shape – I

Measures of Central Tendency, Spread and Shape – II

Measures of Central Tendency, Spread and Shape – III

Data Mining 1 - Machine Learning with R & Python

Introduction to NumPy

Introduction to Pandas

Slicing Data

Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory Data Analysis (Continue)

Missing Value Imputation and Outlier Analysis

Linear Regression Motivation

Linear Regression optimization objective

Linear Regression in Python

Introduction to Regression Tree

Introduction to Classification Tree

Measures of Selecting the best Split

Cluster Analysis – Hierarchical Clustering & k-Means Clustering

Customer segmentation in Telecom Industry using Cluster Analysis

k-Means clustering

Association Rules mining

Market Basket Analysis

Data Mining 2 - Advanced Machine Learning with R & Python

Sources of Error (Irreducible error, bias and variance)

Formally defining the 3 Sources of Error

Linear Regression – Multicollinearity (VIF)

Qualitative Predictors – Use of Dummy Variables

Observing overfitting in Polynomial Regression

Regularized Regression (L2 – Regularization) – To avoid overfitting

Regularized Regression (L1 – Regularization) – Feature selection using regularization

Regularized Regression – How does regularized regression handles multicollinearity?

Decision Tree – Pruning

Bagging Models

Designing your own Bagged Model

Random Forest

Boosting (Ada Boost)

K Nearest Neighbour – Concept. kNN algorithm for k=1 and k>1

Writing a K Nearest Neighbour algorithm from scratch

Comparison of kNN with Linear Regression; Difference between kNN and kMeans.

Revision of basics of Linear Algebra

The Theory of dimension reduction

Practical – Compressing an image file [Practical using R Software]

Practical – Compressing an image file [Practical using R Software] (Continue)

About TCS iON Procert

TCS iON ProCert is a professional certification designed by industry practitioners to enable working professionals gain recognition for their domain expertise. It is a 2-Stage certification. The first stage is a proctored assessment which will be conducted at TCS iON assessment centres spread across India. The second stage is a Case Study based assessment to test application of domain knowledge.



Course Highlights

  • Big Data Analytics for Freshers Online

    Training Methodology

    This course involves several hours of Live Faculty session and recorded live session. It also has multiple guest lectures every month. Along with live classes, the course has industry catalyzers, opinion polls, observers and self-assessments.

  • Big data analytics training in chennai

    Industry Connect

    We connect you with industry leaders who play a major role in the Data and Analytics Domain. Connecting with such people can help you in job hunting, career networking and professional progress.

  • Big Data for MBA Professionals

    Learn through Case Studies

    Case studies help you to emphasize detailed contextual examination of a restricted number of events or circumstances and their relations. It helps in obtaining in-depth info about an individual, group, or occurrence.

  • Big Data for MBA Professionals

    TCS ION Procert Mapped Content

    This curriculum is mapped to TCS Ion - Analytics Procert. Students who undergo this training are well prepared to appear for Analytics Procert assessment conducted by TCS.

  • Big Data for MBA Professionals

    Procert Benefits

    • Assured Interview call from TCS. No tech round for ProCert qualified candidates. Direct Management round.
    • Helps to focus on assessing domain knowledge and applied skills gained through work experience
    • The students will get connected to 100+ other Corporates for their consideration.
    • Joining bonus of Rs. 25,000 if the candidate accepts the offer and joins TCS
    • Additionally, TCS iON will share the candidate's profile and certification details with top Corporates for potential opportunities.
    • Certificate from TCS iON on successful completion of the assessment.

Key Features of the Program

  • Effective & Appealing Content

    We offer a unique combination of research-led futuristic pedagogy and globally benchmarked content. Our modules are backed by extensive research which has made our education system both appropriate and exciting for our learners.

    MBA Programs for Big Data Analytics
  • Highly Experienced Faculty for Big Data

    At 361 DM, we have a group of highly qualified faculty from IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur. Our faculties have worked with PwC and IBM and have years of experience in pioneering several Big Data and Analytics projects globally.

    Business Analytics for Big Data Professionals
  • Internship

    An internship allows you to apply classroom knowledge in real life situations. We help you find relevant work experience opportunities in companies that look for Professionals skilled in Big Data Analytics.

    Big Data Analytics in India
  • Placement Support

    Our Placement Support Entity helps our students meet companies that work with Big Data and Analytics. Our students have been placed in some of the top companies like Siemens, American Megatrends, Dell and HCL to provide meaningful placement support..

    Big Data Tutorial for Beginners
  • New Age Learning Platform

    The i-meta platform of 361 DM, enabled with unique augmented and virtual reality-led classes allow mobile learning i.e., you can learn anytime and anywhere. You can also learn by downloading the 361DM App in your smartphone. Our platform facilitates group discussions, learning resources, performance records, post-class assessments, e-library, and opinion polls during classes.

    Big data course in chennai
  • Dedicated Support Team

    We have a dedicated team to support you throughout the course – from the application to the certification! You can reach us whenever there is any need for assistance, just at the click of a button.

    Big Data Analytics Training in India
  • Education Loan

    Good Education ensures good future. We ensure your financial needs are taken care of as you move ahead in getting educated to build an awesome career. You can always apply for an Education Loan to join select courses.

    Online MBA Programs in Business Analytics

Outcome of the Program

Certificate Program in Analytics is one of the key requisites in any large organization. The time is at its best for someone to take up a career in this domain. Enormous opportunities and extreme dearth in getting candidates force large organizations go helter-skelter. It is imperative that career seekers grab this opportunity.

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