Last Enrollment Date : 30th September'21

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  • Certificate Program in Text and Web Analytics
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    Program Summary

    • 6 credits
    • Duration 3 months
    • 20 Hours of projects/Assignments
    • 30 Hours of online sessions

    Certificate Program in Text and Web Analytics

    This Program on Text and Web Analytics – designed by veterans in the Analytics industry; helps to establish a decent career in the growing Data and Analytics domain. This uniquely blended Program is brought to you by Praxis, a Top-ranked Analytics B-School in India.

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    • Text Analytics
    • Web Analytics

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    Text Analytics

    Basics of text analysis processes

    • Annotators
    • analysis results
    • feature structure
    • type
    • type system
    • annotation
    • common analysis structure

    Web crawling

    Web Scraping from downloaded html files

    Text classification

    • Intent
    • emotion
    • sentiment analysis

    Singular Value decomposition concept

    Latent Semantic Analysis

    Document clustering

    Topic Modeling

    Class Assignments


    Web Analytics

    Introduction to Digital Media Analytics

    Introduction to Google Analytics

    Concept of Account, Property and View

    Concept of Sessions and Users

    Concept of Dimension, Metric and Segment

    Reading a Google Analytics Report

    Audience Analytics

    Acquisition Analytics

    Behaviour Analytics

    Real-Time Analytics

    Setting Up and Analysing Events

    Intelligent Events

    Setting Up and Analysing Experiments

    Setting Up and Measuring Conversion Goals

    Attribution Modelling

    Segment Reporting

    Designing Custom Reports

    Introduction to Google Adwords

    Search Marketing

    Display Marketing

    Google Adwords Analytics

    Managing a Google Analytics Account

    R Programming

    R Programming

    Introduction to R – I

    Introduction to R – II

    Common Data Structures in R

    Conditional Operation and Loops

    Looping in R using Apply Family Functions

    Creating User Defined Functions in R

    Graphics with R

    Advanced Graphics with R


    Understanding Basics of Python

    Control Structures and for loop

    Playing with while loop | break and continue

    Strings and files


    Dictionary and Tuples

    About Praxis

    Praxis Business School, Kolkata, is a premier B-School whose courses are rated among India’s top two in Big Data and Analytics domain. It is one of the most trusted and influential management education institutions in India. Praxis Business School is motivated by the desire to generate business professionals who can partake in and add to the economic development of the country.

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    Course Highlights

    Key Features of the Program

    Outcome of the Program

    Certificate Program in Text and Web Analytics is one of the key requisites in any large organization. The time is at its best for someone to take up a career in this domain. Enormous opportunities and extreme dearth in getting candidates force large organizations go helter-skelter. It is imperative that career seekers grab this opportunity.

    Big Data Analytics for Techies Online

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