The University of California - Irvine, ranked among the top 100 Universities worldwide

Posted on: 03-Oct-2018 | Created By: 361 Career-Care Team

Times Higher Education (THE), one of the most reputed providers of data and insights on higher education at a global level has just released its World University Rankings.

The release is of immense interest the stakeholders in higher education in various formats and countries.

As an organization that helps institutions, universities and research organizations adapt digital for next generation learning, skilling and competency building, 361 Degree Minds, sees a few valuable data points embedded in THE rankings.

The University of California – Irvine has been ranked among the Top 100 Universities worldwide. It is certainly a matter of immense satisfaction for us in 361DM, as our company is a key alliance partner of the UCI’s Division of Continuing Education in India. We offer a range of 14 fully digital courses in the emerging areas of Global Marketing and Digital Marketing.

These courses help Indian students and professionals gain not only knowledge and expertise in marketing, but exposure and certification from this reputed University. The course itself is backed by high quality faculty and subject matter experts in the domain.


A certification from the UCI helps students prepare for a new career. The online Courses are highly practical, and instructors are qualified leaders in their field. Convenient online courses make it easy to learn on students’ own pace and own way.


One more point before ending: The UC Irvine has been ranked No #7 among top public universities in the US, thus adding to the prestige of our alliance.


For those looking to shine better in the emerging profession of digital marketing, a fully online course with UCI certification can be immensely fruitful.

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