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Posted on: 30-Apr-2018 | Created By: 361 Career-Care Team

The word ‘internship’ was used for the first time in 1879. Internships are common in the western countries. Youngsters are encouraged to work as an intern in companies that work in fields that are relevant to their interest of study. Hence, students avail the opportunity of working while learning. This is beneficial in many ways:


Gaining Experience

Interning in a company gives you the opportunity get hands-on experience in a professional environment. Interns are given responsibilities just like a full-time worker. Experience is costly; you can’t get experienced if you are wasting time. Internship helps you explore through the industry you are working for and strive for new opportunities of growth.


Networking with new people

Internships often offer you the opportunity to attend corporate meetings and events. You get the chance of networking with professionals. This helps you expand your connections and learn how to interconnect in a professional environment. Internships introduce you to a lot of valuable assets and give you the chance to meet a diversity of experts in the field.


Building your Profile

A strong resume plays a big role in the life of a job-seeker. The weaker your resume, or the less competent your profile is, the tougher the competition for you. You can never have a strong resume without prior experience. Internships are vital to constructing a profile that is supported by relevant work experience. Here’s a fact: Employers are much more probable to employ someone with internships and prior work experience rather than someone with a nonspecific and standard resume.


Managing your time

Time is the most precious thing you can invest. As an intern in a company, you will become a master of time management. Most organizations work in fast-paced environments, this demands your ability to manage and make the most of your time – every second counts. Time management is vital in every situation whether you're going to a meeting, completing tasks on targets, making tele-calls, and so on.


Finally, internships build your career. It gives you a start to your professional life. It helps you discover your potential, build a lifestyle based on your career choices and land in your desired job-role.


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