Career Advancement - Investment in Time, Effort & Knowledge

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The difference between a job and a career is simple. When you leave a job, you leave behind a vacancy to fill. When you are done with your career, you leave behind a lasting legacy. So ask yourself- am I moving from one job to another or am I building a solid path that in retrospection will see the dots getting connected? Your career is your piece of artwork, which you start from scratch on a blank canvas. How you mold yourself will determine the path that you take.


Career Advancement requires Investment in Time, Effort and Knowledge Growth
Let us ponder over some useful ways to kick-start your journey towards professional success and contentment.

However, Big Data isn’t just being used for bringing down the expenditure. The survey firmly indicates that companies are also trying “offensive” efforts that are explicitly designed to improve how they do business. After the primary “active wins” from cost-declines, executives are shifting their attention to new methods to innovate using data.

Cultivate a sense of curiosity:
The world around you is buzzing with many interesting and curiously obliging processes and activities. In fact, take a moment and look around your desk at work. On the surface, everyone is typing away on the system. Yet, when you look closer they could be working on the next breakout project that simplifies so many lives, transforms the way we do business and bring about positive change. Make sure to pick up as few things from these experiences.


Be an avid lifelong learner:
One famous saying goes: be a learn-it-all, not a know-it-all. Invest your time to learn a new language, converse with a colleague and reach out to a client. You will pick up nuances from their lives that will enrich yours and be of significance in your future interactions with them.


Build networks and support groups:
In many corporates, we have a wonderful concept called "circle of trust." It is a phenomenon whereby people across all levels of management come together to discuss work related issues and come up with suitable solutions. The greatest boost you can give for your career development is to be part of such brainstorm sessions.


Impartial listener:
The insights that you get from paying attention are supreme. Oftentimes we do not take in all the information but rather just skim through the perceived important points. In your career, you are going to come across some phenomenal encounters that are sure to change your perspective. Be receptive of those.


Venture away from your comfort zone:
A new site being opened? Offshore location? If you come to know that you are being considered for such opportunities, embrace them. Trying out new projects professionally will alleviate all your inhibitions and help you bring out your best. Creativity will be nurtured in your mind and you can tackle everyday issues with new and effective solutions.


Look for mentors:
You will find yourself gravitating towards certain individuals whether on your team or otherwise intuitively for professional guidance. Learn to escalate to them in case of any shortcomings and also approach them for advice. Senior leaders in the organization are reservoirs of wisdom and business acumen. They are truly treasure troves from whose knowledge you can grow immensely. Seek them out and cultivate lasting bonds.


Expectations and reality:
Approach your work with a fresh mind as if you are starting from scratch every day. Expectations lead to disappointments, as you will be constantly trying to micromanage every little detail according to your version of perfection. Drain your brain at the end of every day. Commencing every undertaking with positivity will help you troubleshoot better and with more clarity.

Career growth is strongly influenced by your approach towards adversity and challenges. By investing your time in learning and taking the initiative to pursue higher studies simultaneously you will hit the ground running and open the doors to many opportunities. You will certainly experience a paradigm shift at work thanks to your proclivity for professional development.

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