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Posted on: 30-Apr-2018 | Created By: 361 Career-Care Team

New Technologies keep evolving every now and then. As said, change is the only constant thing! For the past few decades, the workforce of every company has faced issues with market change. 361 DM is company that is pioneering stability in the lives of thousands of students and employees. We educate people on the latest of technology, with the help of the best in the technology and using the best of technology. That’s what we are.


The ‘Workforce Problem’ in every Company

Every company wants a smarter workforce. And a workforce is only smart when it is stable. Stability is often challenged by new disruptions that shake the market. People often get disheartened when they lack knowledge and expertise in the newest technologies.


Talent Acquisition becomes a huge hurdle for the Human Resource Department of several organizations when a new technology is being introduced in the operations. Companies begin looking for professionals who have mastered the newest technology in a short period of time. The early birds are fed first, and they are fed in abundance.


Real-Time Internships to create a Smart Workforce

361 DM students are exposed to a wide range of Internships and Placement opportunities to choose from. Internship opportunities help our students connect with the industry and discover their stand in the workforce. The ‘internship phase’ is a great time where students learn, experiment and solve with different problems that the company is facing at that given point of time. Sometimes, interns are given the opportunity to analyze the current status of the company and predict the course of business in the future.


Thus, internships prepare students for a better career. This also means better workforce for companies that can greatly benefit from such smart professionals who carry work experience in a very young age.


361 DM partners with several industrial leaders to provide meaningful internship opportunities to its students. We offer internships in various fields such as Data Science, Business Analytics, Management, Digital Marketing and many more. Join the Smart Workforce, grab your Internship!


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