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Posted on: 12-Apr-2018 | Created By: 361 Career-Care Team

The very reason you are doing your MBA is for an amplified career growth. The trajectory of your career will be greatly influenced by the decisions that you take when selecting the MBA specialization of your choice. The key is to choose a specialty that complements your interests and passions. With a wide range of specialization courses on offer, it is worth noting that market trends dictate the scope of each of these specializations.

A shrewd way to start is by asking yourself

  • Do I feel content in my current field? If yes, pursue your MBA with a specialization along those lines. If not,
  • Am I absolutely sure that I want to switch tracks? If yes, look at different specializations on offer

Let us ponder over some quick and effective means to stay away from the dreaded faux pas of making an incorrect choice.

Demand of the Industry:
There are some evergreen specializations that will definitely fetch you good positions due to their ubiquity and essential requirements. Specializations such as marketing and human resources are extremely practical and much required. Similarly, finance and operations management are some other specializations that are much sought after by the industry. Choosing one of these is highly recommended provided your interests are fulfilled.

Scope for Growth:
A major blunder is not looking beyond the degree. What do you plan to do with the MBA? The pivotal force here is leverage. The question you need to be asking yourself is -how can I utilize whatever that I am learning in a particular specialization and apply it at work? Doing the MBA for the sake of doing one is redundant if it does not equip you with the required skills. For example, if you hope to assume a prominent role if finance, pursuing a communications MBA is not going to help you significantly.

Exposure Offered:
A common misconception is that doing MBA is an instant passport to success. You will be doing yourself a grave disservice if you assume that you can ride on the reputation of a particular brand. The ideal way to go about choosing the MBA is to do a thorough check of all the subjects on offer for each term and look at the variety of electives. Yet another major deciding criterion is the faculty involved- their industry experience and professional background.

Badge of Employability:
The ultimate test is to convert your educational takeaway into professional expertise. The transferability of the input gained should be assessed before you key in on a particular MBA course. An astute technique to gauge this is by looking at the placements prospects. The list of companies that visit speaks volumes about the course and the specialization. A prudent decision would be to arrive at a specialization keeping in mind the big picture of career enhancement.

Authenticity and Purpose:
Unless you are absolutely passionate, doing the MBA could potentially be overwhelming. It is intensive and rigorous for a specific reason- to equip you with everything you need to thrive in your career. So, choose something where you feel connected to your roots and to the core of what you like. Pursue something that reflects what you as an individual hope to work towards.

You will come across many opinions and perspectives from different sources. Your interest and inclination towards a specialization should be the driving force in the selection of the MBA specialization. Adopting a process of elimination and natural selection will help you arrive at your interest.We all know that mediocrity stems from scattered focus. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you undertake a specialization that makes you distinguishable in the business environment. So, choose wisely!

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