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Learners have a wide range of opportunities

The demand for Big Data Analytics courses is high! It is quite undeniable that Big Data is the buzzword we have been hearing lately so much. With the rise of technology, every organization big or small- generates data than ever before.  Most businesses we see today are practically drowning in the amount of data they generate and they need to analyze it. It is not just the amount of data increasing exponentially, but it's also projected to double every two years until 2020. So there is a great rise in big data applications in almost all the industries.

Benefits of Big Data

There is a high soaring demand for analytics professionals. The number of job postings related to Analytics across the job portals such as Naukri and Indeed has increased substantially over the last few months. Even the most sought-after multinational organization has more than 20,000 openings for candidates with Analytics background. The truth is, many companies today realize the importance of data scientists and this is propelling an extreme growth of the market.

How to learn Big Data? It is without any doubt, a prominent question to ask in order to find out the top best available/feasible methods among the millions.

Learning Big Data Online can benefit you in many ways

Advantages of Online Learning

E-learning has been on the rise in recent years. Learners are finding it convenient not to travel around to pursue a career. They can engage with multimedia content and learning materials anytime, anywhere by simply logging into the virtual campus.

There are some really good reasons why is it a great idea to pursue Big Data online.  Learning Big Data increases one’s organizational efficiency, enabling the user to take control of time and cost. There are some notable highlights with online learning that candidates can benefit which include, weekly live online sessions, direct assured placements, lifetime access to updated content & videos, access to industries top-edge advisors and more! 

With so many candidates today turning to online education to improve their career skills, almost all universities have started offering courses online. It is thus crucial to decide from which platform to pursue an online certified course. Getting to know if the course that you opt is a scam or a real deal is important. What are the things you need to consider while selecting an online certification course, especially for Big Data Course?

  • Are the right designs provided to the right audience?  
  • Is the Program bagged by Deep Cognitive Research?
  • What is the credibility of the experts conducting the program?

The best way to learn Big Data is through enrolling for an online certification. The online certification courses will be created by veterans from the big data field and will have the right balance of theory meets practical, allowing each and every candidate to understand the real-world implications of using their technologies to meet the unresolved business problems.

Big Data Program Structure

Big Data Certification Online Programs are for those who want to become conversant with the terminology and the core concepts behind big data problems, applications, and systems. It is for those who want to start thinking about how Big Data might be useful in their career phase, especially when Big Data is the most in-demand career in the world. The Programs aims to provide an in-depth understanding of one of the most common frameworks, Hadoop, that has made big data analysis easier and more accessible. 

Each and every Program is structured and conducted by industry top-notch mentors having global recognition and is consulting Global Tech Majors. This can be a prominent factor as it can be lacking in an off-line Program.

Here are 10 Reasons to consider 361 Degree Minds as a Gateway to the World’s Highest Paying Career!

  1. Programs Certified by India’s Top Business School: Praxis. Praxis Ranked 4th Best Analytics Program in India (Analytics India Magazine) and 2nd Best Full-time Analytics Program (Analytics Vidhya)
  2. Real-life Case Studies and Real-time Internships
  3. Options for a wide range of High Earning Career Potential Programs 
  4. Industry Connect: Webinars, Job Fairs, Tech Update Sessions
  5. Programs mentored by Industry Veterans consulting Global Tech majors (PwC, Cognizant, British Oxygen) for over 25 years!
  6. Programs are endorsed by leading Tech majors and analytics organizations for Content Rigour
  7. Payment plans and flexible financial aid
  8. New Age Learning Platform (i-meta): World-class learning platform with easy to learn features and mobile-friendly
  9. Dedicated Support from Admission to Placement
  10. 100% Assured Placements with Highest Salary Standards

What are your Key Takeaways from the Online Program?

With the completion of the Program, learners will be able to describe the Big Data landscape including examples of real-world big data problems with the three key sources of Big Data: people, organizations, and sensors. 

The learners will be able to effectually identify what are and what are not big data problems and be able to recast actual problems associated with Big Data. Finally, they can also get a gist of how to install and run a program using Hadoop. This doesn’t call for prior programming experience, even though the skills to install applications and to utilize a virtual machine are requisite to complete a hands-on project.

V's of Big Data

The Program also explains the V’s of Big Data (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Valence, and Value) and why each impacts data collection, monitoring, storage, analysis, and reporting thus helping the learners in all aspects. 

Finally, they can also get a gist of how to install and run a program using Hadoop. This doesn’t call for prior programming experience, even though the skills to install applications and to utilize a virtual machine are requisite to complete a hands-on project.

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