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Posted on: 30-Apr-2018 | Created By: 361 Career-Care Team

‘361 DM is a great place to work’. We have been constantly working with interns to work on various projects. Interns always come with fresh thoughts and when they start involving themselves in our work, we feel energized. The only reason we feel sad is that they leave us after a few months, leaving back a heavy residue of memories in our hearts. Here are a few testimonies from our interns; they added a lot of value to our company and to our professional lives:


Tuman Poddar

Worked with Consumer Business team on UI, UX, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Projects

The best thing about 361 DM is that the company creates a ‘customized internship’ based on your skills and interests. Most companies don’t understand their interns and ask them to work on irrelevant projects. In 361 DM, I was asked about my interest and got to choose the team with which I would love to work. I got to explore the B2B marketing sector. I worked with multiple teams and projects simultaneously – this helped me get connected to different people in a very short time. Everybody in the company is very open-minded, even the CEOs. They appreciate new ideas and place no restriction to innovation. Before this internships I used to Design based on my creativity and here I learnt to be both creative and Data-driven.



Worked with the Enterprise Business Team on New-Age Learning, Content Development and various other projects

Working with 361 DM was a great experience for me. I didn’t feel like working, it was more like a learning time for me. I personally got to explore through the Online Learning Industry and see what I can do in this domain. Earlier, I have heard of how UI can revolutionize a web product, here I got to work with UI and UX and improve the way a web product is experienced by the end user. The work culture of 361 DM is amazing: an open culture, freedom to interact and approach anybody at any time. There’s no junior-senior bias in the workplace, everybody’s voice is heard. The leaders are very approachable; I could just go into their office and discuss my ideas at any time. Meanwhile, I really fell in love with the products of 361 DM. The content it provides to its students is beyond the par of industrial standards. 361 DM is changing the way the world learns.


Sweta Tanwar

Worked with the Enterprise Business Team on various projects

The workplace of 361 DM defines freedom and flexibility. I had no particularly designated task. I was given the freedom to work based on my interests and abilities. It was like an Open-ground to me; I could evolve and experiment with new ideas and suggestions. 361 DM offers so much of variety to its interns, there’s a lot one can learn and master. Regardless of your background, 361 DM offers equal opportunity to all its employees. My team-lead used to take me for meetings and events; it was a great time of exposure to new horizons of business.



Worked with the Consumer Business Team on various marketing projets

I had an amazing time interning with 361 Degree Minds, for two months. I got to learn different perspectives of business. I gained so much knowledge about marketing and about different sets of audiences and their behavior. I had direct contact with the prospects and had different experience with each and one of them. I got to learn more about how a company properly works and the different departments in a company and how they functioned for the improvement of the organization.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful experience!!

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