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Job interviews happen almost every day. The hunt for talent, good talent, keeps growing as markets expand in various horizons. Recruiters of different firms have very contrast hiring strategies and principals they follow to keep their workforce the best. So if you are looking to join one of those best workforces, you got to know “How to face an Interview”. This question has been disturbing the minds of students, especially the graduates, for several years now. It has been answered a thousand times over and over again by industry experts, recruiters, professionals and even students who have passed multiple interviews to land their dream job.


In this article, we have put together the voices of all of them, combined to give you a holistic view of things you should never forget when you go for a job interview. Moving on, here’s the first


Take your Resume and a few copies of it

As we discussed, recruiters of various firms have contrasting habits of recruiting. In some firms, the Human Resource Managers alone do the process, in some you have to meet the Technical Officers, and in some you have to even meet the CEO. Having multiple copies of your CV or Resume is always an advantage.


Tailor your Resume based on the Company

Words play a handsome role in impressing the recruiters. You can do a great job in the interview given your resume carries the words that the people in that company frequently use. How do you get to know that? Easy way! Go through the website, LinkedIn Portfolio and other Social Media Pages of the company; identify the words they regularly use to impress their clients; note down and use them appropriately in your profile. Remember, don’t exaggerate any word or overuse them. Maintain the balance and you will do well.


Carry you own handkerchief, notebook, pen and your personality

Most people tend to forget their personality while attending job interviews. You don’t have to really work on impressing anybody. That will naturally happen if you have the necessary profile and practical knowledge. Stay natural, keep calm and let others do the talking. Carry your own handkerchief, notebook and pen – these signify your personality as well.


Lastly, express yourself. When expression is done right, impression is automated.

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