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Posted on: 12-Apr-2018 | Created By: 361DM Big Data Research Team

The global need for big data, analytics, and data science specialists are intensifying every day with its escalating significance across various segments. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data science have made analytics the most sought-after professions globally. There is an upsurge in demand for exceedingly skilled professionals, and businesses are on a steadfast lookout for professionals who can saturate the gap.



Soaring Demand for Analytics Professionals - Are you ready for it?

Between April 2016 and April 2017, the number of analytics jobs almost doubled. This is in explicit contrast to the percentage progress in analytics job inventory in 2015. From April 2015 to April 2016, the estimate of analytics jobs expanded by 52 percent. It is hard to determine the precise number of analytics jobs opportunities. Multiple reports say that close to 50,000 positions linked to analytics are currently there in India - in which, 17 percent of companies are seeking for Freshers, whereas 39 percent of job opportunities in analytics and data science are for professionals with around five years job experience.

The evidence that the quantity of analytics jobs has almost multiplied from April 2016 to April 2017 indicates a positive drift in India's growing market for analytics and data science. Compared to worldwide estimates, India contributes just 12 percent of open jobs opening currently. Numerous analytics projects get outsourced to India from around the globe due to lack of highly-efficient skills in other nations. Hence, the number of job openings in India is expected to improve much faster than other countries. Amazon, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, HCL, Citi, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and Capgemini are among the top recruiters in the field of data science and analytics.

In Analytics job market, Banking & Financial sector remains to be the prominent influencer. The banking sector contributes up to 46 percent of all jobs opportunities in analytics. A year ago, the banking sector contributed 42 percent of analytics-related job openings. Approximately 56 percent of all analytics market is with confined centers in India. These are companies that often employ analytics for private consumption (fundamentally for their global markets). 18 percent of all analytics jobs posted this year were from multinational IT & KPO service providers. Native IT & KPO service providers and consulting firms provided about 25 percent of job opportunities in analytics.

The requirement for R experts is eminent among all analytics recruiters. 36 percent of all analytics jobs advertised in India demand for R as a core ability. 30 percent of all jobs in analytics demanded the need for excellence in Python. 9 percent of analytics jobs posted the need for Tableau skills, to support visualization in analytics. Therefore, for Freshers or for professionals who desire to make a change in the analytics industry, you should develop the necessary skills that are most expected from recruiters. 361DM helps you prepare to be a high-demand Big Data and Analytics expert through online courses crafted by Industrial Experts.

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