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Posted on: 13-Apr-2018 | Created By: 361 Career-Care Team

Technology is changing the way we live. The way we buy stuff, the way we entertain ourselves, interact with others, or gain new knowledge.

And technology is also disrupting our work patterns and practices. And how we learn to adapt to or combat these and future disruptions.


Technology is transforming MBA Education

As learning itself is changing, the concept of teacher and the students are also becoming fluid. When an expert shares his/her expertise or experience to eager learners using a technology medium, the teaching – learning process is itself enriched. The expert can share his experience in a variety of forms – lecture, quiz, Q and A sessions, as videos, podcasts, broadcast, case studies, and simulation games, to enhance engagement.

Net result: Both the expert and the learner come out more learned. The students gain new knowledge, and the “teacher” learns new ways of answering questions, quenching curiosity, sharing experience, or simply …the use of a new tech tool that enhances learning outcomes.

Today’s business education
An important shift in business education today is the variety of learners and their background. Fresh graduates, people with few years of work experience, those with longer stints looking to switch careers or move to new levels in their office hierarchy. Even people who haven’t worked for several years want to get an MBA and see if they can find new jobs add to the class variety.

Most of them seek flexibility in learning hours. Some of them wants the learning process to be customized to suit their levels of prior learning. A few look for concrete examples or lessons that suits their every work; or at least contextual to their job.

The one common platform that can meet all these needs and aspirations, should of course be powered by intelligent technologies.

At 361 Degree Minds, we endeavour to use of high tech platform IMETA to suit all these requirements. Our online MBA students can choose structured or guided pathways to attain new knowledge and competencies in line with their learning style and varied aspirations.

And we do this with finesse and aplomb. And that’s our secret sauce – a deep and nuanced understanding what adult learners want; how the learning process can be engaging, effective and based on clear outcomes. And importantly, we have the right tools to mentor the learner throughout the learning journey, help him or her cross right milestones before reaching the objective. And of course, our team is always there even beyond.

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