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Posted on: 13-Apr-2018 | Created By: 361 Career-Care Team

It is definitely a balancing act when you undertake two different paths at the same time. Working and studying online concurrently will require you to juggle many responsibilities and switch between your roles as a working professional and student seamlessly. You can become a multitasking maven by keeping in mind points from this checklist.

Tips for working professional to study simultaneously


Visualize. Simplify. Execute:
You are your biggest asset. You can perform anything if you set your mind to it and propel forward with a majestic momentum. Look at the structure of the program and the materials that you need to cover. Set some timelines along which you can work so that you can confidently and comfortably progress in your studies while performing your best at work.

So, what’s the sitrep?
Become solution oriented. Monitor your efficiency by paying attention to the amount of time you take to complete an assigned task at work. Similarly, look at your progress in the course content. You are sure to make strides if you retrospect and analyze your performance in the online course and at your work.

Rearrange your workday:
One major time saver is looking at what you need to get done for the week and seeing how you can allocate time for tasks based on priority. You can plan ahead and see how you can make the most use of your office time. An easy way to start is if you have a meeting for half an hour at 2 pm, you can find out if it can be over a phone call later on in the day so that you can concentrate on the core functions and get home earlier to study.

Pace yourself:
Setting timelines along which you can comfortably work will help you go a long way in being a star performer both at work and on the education front. Thinking along the lines of how to structure your preparation for the course while ensuring you meet office deadlines is an absolute prerequisite. One easy way of doing this will be to make smart choices on the subjects that you opt for in the online course and the responsibilities that you assume at work.

Time-outs - back after Intermission!
Since you will be juggling two different efforts, it is essential to take small breathers now and then. You are at your productive best when you are energized and refreshed. Most of the time, you may not even realize that you are heading towards what is popularly called a burnout. So keep your think tanks full and running by taking small and meaningful breaks now and then.

All hail flexitime:
Schedule your work commitments in such a way that you devote enough time during peak workload periods and take it easier on the studies front and vice versa during relatively slower periods. If there were to be an ultimate advantage for a working professional looking to study simultaneously, it would be flexitime. Talk to your boss and figure out working hours based on your comfort levels.

An angel by the name of commute time:
In today’s traffic and congestion, the commute to work is becoming longer. This is a huge strength for you. Sitting in your car at a traffic jam is actually a boon. Yes! You read that right. You can respond to emails during this particular time and also catch up on your weekly readings for the online course will you sit in the car. This way, the time that you spend at work can be allotted to performing core and essential tasks.

The biggest challenge for you when doing two things parallel to each other is to be present in the moment and pay your fullest attention to the task at hand. While it is easy to get carried away and overwhelmed, with time you will become an expert in managing your multiple commitments with ease! Just remember to believe in yourself.

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