Certificate in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

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Certificate in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

With almost 30% of the planet covered with green life, plants are the living and breathing fuel to humans. This green cover has always been a muse to our research driven economics and trade. The history of plant-based studies has been manuscripted in Unani Hakims, Indian Vedas and European and Mediterranean cultures dated for over 4000 years. Even Indigenous cultures such as Rome, Egypt, Iran, Africa and America have used herbs in their healing rituals. While past might hold its glory of medicinal plants knowledge, even today, approximately one-third of all pharmaceuticals are of plant origin, wherein fungi and bacteria are also included and over 60% of all pharmaceuticals are plant-based.

These facts signal a strong scope for the category of aromatic and medicinal plants. The economics driven by medicinal and aromatic plants are known as MAP. And, India with its unique geographical location and cultural identity, attracts major attention to MAP economics in capital markets. Though the business drive of MAP can only be achieved if one holds strong roots in the understanding of these plants. Thanks to the certificate courses in aromatic and medicinal plants available today, you can take a step forward towards MAP.

Lesser-known facts of MAP

According to the World Health Organization, 30% of the drugs sold worldwide contain compounds derived from plant materials which include more than 21,000 taxa. These plants are widely distributed globally, including South and South East Asia. In India more than 7,500 species are used in ethnomedicines, which is half of country's Indian native plant species, China uses 6,000 species, Africa over 5,000 and Europe at least 2000 MAP. The revenue of aromatic plants is roughly estimated to be around $5 billion excluding the pharmaceutical trade. The attention to the common man towards medicinal plants might have been arousing during this pandemic, but even modern medicine turned its face towards essentials oils, ever since the very first scientific research into essential oils and their effects upon micro-organisms happened in 1887. Further research was carried out in France by Chamberland, later being confirmed by Cadac and Meunier. The research confirmed that essential oils had the ability to kill the micro-organisms responsible for glandular fever and yellow fever.

Scope of learning this course on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

According to World Bank study, India presently holds the bargaining power in the trade of aromatic and medicinal plants and still a major part of this Indian industry remains untapped. Why so? This could largely be due to the unawareness and lack of skilled professionals in the background of aromatic and medicinal plants. The public health aspect of these products makes them highly sensitive hence earning a certification in aromatic and medicinal plants can place your foot on the door of MAP industry.

The industry today runs on global demand trends and evolving purchasing criteria of various international buyers. Hence, acquiring a certificate in aromatic and medicinal plants can play a vital role to help individuals in filling the gap of this demand and supply.

Aromatic and medicinal plants usually come under the MSME segment holding its big share in developing economies such as India. MAP offer opportunities for sustainable economic growth and thus the global demand of Ayurvedic medicinal products or the exploding cosmetic industry relies on the study and supply catered by the east.

What do you learn in this course?

Certificate in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants is a programme designed to impart knowledge on the export potential and the present status of medicinal & aromatic plants. It inculcates the importance of conservation, addressing and eradicating the problems in production and marketing arena. The programme gives an introduction to medicinal herbs moving away from the romance and myths associated with herb growing towards a more solid and scientific approach.

Students get their certification from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) and they learn via effective and appealing content through New Age Learning Platform and a Dedicated Support Team. They will be trained in developing, executing and monitoring the study and use of Aromatic and Medicinal plants.

Career Options after obtaining Certification on aromatic and medicinal plants

India is the epicentre of plants-based pharmaceutical industry. Our history with the research and trade of aromatic and medicinal plants dates centuries back and likewise career options are aplenty for a person holding certification in aromatic and medicinal plants.

Individuals who would like to be self-dependent can choose to be entrepreneurs in production of aromatic and medicinal plants thereby broadening their income and grow tremendously.

For individuals interested in government jobs, Central Institute of Medical & Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) (https://www.cimap.res.in) & National Medicinal Plants Board (https://www.nmpb.nic.in) offers openings in research & other sections of these organisations at regular intervals. Similarly the forest department of central & state governments also recruit botanists for various services. Even the private pharmaceutical sector has a constant demand for certified individuals. Even academically inclined individuals can look for job opportunities in the education sector.

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About Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU)

Tamil Nadu Agriculture University is one of India's top known agricultural research and education institutions is Tamil Nadu. TNAU is the leading agro-technology provider of India and its graduates are recognized throughout the world. Internationally, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University was ranked 105 among BRICS nations by the QS World University Rankings of 2018. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranked Tamil Nadu Agricultural University 28 overall in India and 17 among universities in India in 2017.

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Key Features of the Program

  • Effective & Appealing Content

    We offer a unique combination of research-led futuristic pedagogy and globally benchmarked content. Our modules are backed by extensive research which has made our education system both appropriate and exciting for our learners.

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  • Certificate from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)

    Tamil Nadu Agriculture University is one of India's top known agricultural research and education institutions is Tamil Nadu. TNAU is the leading agro-technology provider of India and its graduates are recognized throughout the world.

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  • New Age Learning Platform

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  • Dedicated Support Team

    We have a dedicated team to support you throughout the course – from the application to the certification! You can reach us whenever there is any need for assistance, just at the click of a button.

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Outcome of the Program

This course prepares students to meet the vast requirements of professionals having suitable qualification as well as exposure in study and use of Aromatic and Medicinal Corps. You will be trained in developing, executing and monitoring the study and use of Aromatic and Medicinal Corps.

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