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Big Data for Beginners

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Big Data for Beginners

This Program has a perfect blend of Technology, Data Science and Business cases and insights; stands out to be among the best in the world. ‘Big Data for Beginners’ is brought to by Praxis, a Top-ranked Analytics B-School in India.

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INR 5,900

Program Summary

  • 1 credits

    With this course, you are 5 credits short of an assured placement.

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  • Duration 2 Months
  • 45 Hours of online sessions

Course Topics

  • 1

    Big Data 101

    • Big Data Characteristics

      • Volume
      • Variety
      • Velocity
      • Veracity
      • Valence
      • Value
    • Big Data and Business

    • Data Relationships and Data Model

      • One-to-one relationship
      • One-to-many relationship
      • Many-to-many relationship
      • Flat model
      • Hierarchical model
      • Network model
      • Relational model
      • Star schema model
      • Data vault model
    • Data Grouping

    • Clustering Algorithms

      • partitioning
      • hierarchical
      • grid based
      • density based
      • model based
    • Getting ready for Clustering Algorithms

    • Clustering Algorithms – UPGMA, single Link Clustering

    • KPIs, Businesses & Data Elements

    • Mapping for business outcomes

      • Define the pain point
      • Define the goal
      • Identify the actors
      • Identify the impacts
      • Identify the deliverables
      • Creating your impact map
    • Basic Query

    • Advanced Query – Embedding

  • 2

    Mathematics Modelling

    • Introduction to key mathematical concepts

      • eigenvalues and eigenvectors
    • Application of eigenvalues and eigenvectors

      • investigate prototypical problems of ranking big data
    • Application of the graph Laplacian

      • investigate prototypical problems of clustering big data
    • Application of PCA and SVD

      • investigate prototypical problems of big data compression
  • 3

    Coding in DB Environment

  • 4

    Making Data Sets

Industry Collaboration

  • Four Clovertech, US.,

    We recently leveraged this course for our new recruits. The course has provided them a jump start in their learning process. Great work by Team 361 Degree minds. I would strongly recommend this course for all.

    -Sathish Rajamani, CEO, Four Clovertech, US.,

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