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Certificate Program in Content Marketing

Program Highlights:
Real time Internship, Placement support, case studies, Industry connect..

Certificate Program in Content Marketing

Content is not the king, the Expert Writer is the king. The internet is full of content and not all of them are worth seeing. Businesses need creative and relative content that can talk to their potential customers. Learn how to strategize your content and tell effective stories on the web!

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USD 450

Program Summary

  • 5 credits

    With this course, you are 5 credits short of an assured placement.

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  • Duration 3 Months
  • 45 Hours of online sessions

Course Topics

  • 1

    Content Marketing

    • Course Introduction: what is content marketing?

    • Content marketing examples Content marketing steps to success

    • The Business case,Journey & Audience

    • Content types, storytelling and plan

    • Channels, Promotion & Technology

    • Measurment

Industry Collaboration

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Program Mentors

Learn from the best in the industry

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