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Certificate Program in Online Analytics and Measurement

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Certificate Program in Online Analytics and Measurement

Huge Demand for Online Analytics Professionals! Progressive Outcome in Digital Marketing is a result of Advanced Analytics and Measurement of factors that affect the reach, delivery and result of online campaigns. This course helps you gain knowledge on how to Analyze and measure your marketing operations.

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USD 400

Program Summary

  • 4 credits

    With this course, you are 5 credits short of an assured placement.

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  • Duration 3 Months
  • 45 Hours of online sessions

Course Topics

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    Online Analytics & Measurement

    • Introduction to key Web Analytics principles and terminology

    • Analysis for outcome

    • Qualitative Data & Testing

    • Competitive analysis and benchmarking

    • Advanced analytics principles

    • Analytics Vendor Selection and Managing Management

    • Competitive analysis and benchmarking

Industry Connect

  • I-Exceed

    I went through the program coverage. It is amazing! Can't expect anything less. The program curriculum and content is from UC Irvine. 361 Degree Minds is an amazing platform to learn...Will be happy to be a part of learner mentoring program as well - Murali - Project Lead- I Exceed Technologies

    -Murali Modukuru, Project Head, I-EXCEED Technologies Pvt Ltd

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