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Certificate Program in Text and Web Analytics

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Certificate Program in Text and Web Analytics

This Program on Text and Web Analytics – designed by veterans in the Analytics industry; helps to establish a decent career in the growing Data and Analytics domain. This uniquely blended Program is brought to you by Praxis, a Top-ranked Analytics B-School in India.

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  • Text Analytics
  • Web Analytics

INR 20,600

Program Summary

  • 6 credits

    With this course, you are 5 credits short of an assured placement.

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  • Duration 3 months
  • 20 Hours of projects/Assignments
  • 30 Hours of online sessions

Course Topics

  • 1

    Text Analytics

    • Basics of text analysis processes

      • Annotators
      • analysis results
      • feature structure
      • type
      • type system
      • annotation
      • common analysis structure
      • Web crawling
    • Web crawling

    • Web Scraping from downloaded html files

    • Text classification

    • Singular Value decomposition concept

    • Latent Semantic Analysis

    • Document clustering

    • Topic Modeling

    • Class Assignments

    • Presentation

  • 2

    Web Analytics

    • Introduction to Digital Media Analytics

    • Introduction to Google Analytics

    • Concept of Account, Property and View

    • Concept of Dimension, Metric and Segment

    • Reading a Google Analytics Report

    • Audience Analytics

    • Acquisition Analytics

    • Behaviour Analytics

    • Real-Time Analytics

    • Setting Up and Analysing Events

    • Intelligent Events

    • Setting Up and Analysing Experiments

    • Setting Up and Measuring Conversion Goals

    • Attribution Modelling

    • Segment Reporting

    • Designing Custom Reports

    • Introduction to Google Adwords

    • Search Marketing

    • Display Marketing

    • Google Adwords Analytics

    • Managing a Google Analytics Account

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