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Program Card

Now I Know - French

Program Highlights:
Practice Sessions, Habit Building Exercises, Expert Faculty

Now I Know - French

NOW I KNOW- French is a power-packed online language learning series that focuses on helping learners to converse in French. Not just knowing French Grammar. This unique course is co-created by INaWORD and 361Degree Minds.

Sneak Peak

INR 15000

Program Summary

  • 6 credits

    With this course, you are 5 credits short of an assured placement.

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  • Duration 4 Months
  • 95 Hours of online sessions

Course Topics

  • 1

    Foundation of French language

  • 2

    Speaking, reading and writing French

  • 3

    Basic French Grammar

  • 4

    Sentence Construction

  • 5

    French Articulation

Industry Collaboration

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