We make learning purposeful and engaging for every learner


Online learning is about combining the best of a classroom experience and the flexibility of distance education. For over a decade we have been working to enrich online learning by through innovative elements that combine theory with real world examples.  And thus make learning purposeful for every learner

OUR Platform

Our proprietary learning platform – i-meta - is a product of our R & D into adult and remote learning, and online pedagogy. The platform combines content and learning science to result in learner engagement and effectiveness. i-meta can meet the business needs of universities, institutions and corporate organizations, even while delivering seamlessly, highly engaging learning to diverse types of learners


The IMETA platform is also available as an APP for mobile and hand-held devices. The app helps next generation learners to learn courses anywhere, anytime. For providers like universities or HR learning organizations in companies, 361DM App is an entire university on a mobile.