Gen Z and millennial learners aspire big. They want better jobs, improve career prospects and they crave growth.

They enrol in courses where the learning content is easy to consume and the program empowers them with choices of subjects and specializations. And the same available at different fee levels. They seek convenient, hassle free processes for admission, fee payment and connect with tutors.

University providers, at least a majority of them, are large behemoths which move slow. They cant keep pace with Gen X demands easily. Their legacy systems of admission and student relationship are archaic. Many struggle to make learning programs engaging and effective. Knowledge yes, but less of real-time industry standard skill offerings.


361DM Bridges this seemingly large chasm. We offer our 5D solution for Universities (We Design, Develop, Deploy and even support in Delivering high quality, industry grade programs; add nuance and skills to courses. And we ensure success of University business through marketing solutions, and nuanced counselling using professionals. They make admission and student engagement processes smooth and hassle-free.

Skills VAP

Our SME-moderated courses help learners go beyond the curriculum; build employability / new generation corporate skills (Ex: Data analysis / Data Visualization / Digital Marketing). These are always-on Self paced, many of them offered free to students to accelerate their growth

Industry credit

Our VAP courses are evaluated by User industry CXOs for applicability and relevance to workplace. Such creditworthiness of the course, accepted by industry, is articulated as industry credit. A course can have 1 or more credits – Students accumulate credits to improve career growth or move jobs.

Placement support

The database of students with VAPs and accumulated credits can be shared with recruiters. Student skill-sets are matched with recruiters needs for jobs or internships

We deploy a range of solutions – high quality industry specialist lectures, offer nuanced career counselling for students to select the best courses that match their aspirations; walk every step with learner including a specialized hotline during exams to shoot minor problems for learners…

We define and refine learner success. Ensure business success for University providers